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Alan Brumont visits Puxuan Office!

Collin Crawford

猎鱼达人俱乐部红包 We are very excited to announce that Mr. Brumont has came to hold a training for the Puxuan team. We tasted the entire Brumont and Montus range and had a wonderful wine dinner together. We wish him a safe journey back home and hope to see him again soon in France!

Thienpont Training round 2

Collin Crawford

Welcome special guest Cyrile Thienpont for coming to Shanghai and Wuhan to give the Puxuan team an in depth training. We have a great time and wish you safe travels back home!

Thienpont Family visits Puxuan!

Collin Crawford

We are happy to have received the winemakers of the Thienpont family today. They held a master class for their most renowned selection of wines from various areas of Bordeaux. Thank you for your support and lasting friendship!


French Week in Wuhan!

Collin Crawford

French week in Wuhan! Thanks Mr. Zhao and the rest of Puxuan Wuhan team, the event had some great wines available for the attendees. Also great Support for the French consulate which Representative graciously made an appearance in our booth!


Shanghai Wine and Dine festival

Collin Crawford

With over 150 diffrent exibitors from across the world, the shanghai wine and dine festival was a blast! Puxuan wines held a booth in the French Pavilion and did not dissapoint. We offered wines from Chatue Lassros and Mommesin. We really enjoyd the oppritunity to meet new people and offer our wines to guests. Thank you SOPHEXA for putting this wonderfu; show on. See you next Year!!!


New Qidong Shop opening!

Collin Crawford

Welcoming our new partner Leo to the Puxuan Family, his shop is proudly located in the center of Qidong and is in close affiliation with Henry! Congratulations Leo!

The Puxuan Family Vaccation, France and Italy

Collin Crawford

Time for an exciting adventure to the heart of the wine making world. The Puxuan Team travels for an exciting adventure to Italy and France, gaining new knowledge and incites as well as making new friends and potential partners along the way.